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“Jazz, it goes into my coffee in the morning and my wine in the evening,” was an epigraph I’ve lived by for a considerable amount of my life. All-jazz-everything, and a great amount of cheesy pop. The jazz votarient in me slowly started getting into dubstep after hearing Loefah’s Jungle Infiltrator 12″, which held “Jazz Lick” on the A-side. Still being a bit hesitant and carrying a strong preference for clarinets and string bass over its LFO sibling, Skream eventually won me over with this release and the inevitable “Summer Dreams” that appeared on his debut release. Next up were some records on Deep Medi Musik such as “Jazz Dubstep” by Silkie, and Quest’s “Eden” that kept me going when at times the scene of blood, tears and bass became a bit too much. My motto slowly turned into “Jazz, it goes into my coffee in the morning and dubstep goes in my wine in the evening”. Point in case is that the jazzy vibes have always worked well with dubstep, but not many good producers are on this tip anymore these days nor do the ones that give it a try do it well. This is where the Leeds bound septet Submotion Orchestra come in – formed early 2009, they appeared on my radar after hearing the Planas remix for “Finest Hour” last Summer, after which I looked up the original, then had this Gilles Peterson session on heavy rotation for a while (Gilles’ notable response to their music: “It blew me away… Somewhere between Cinematic Orchestra and dubstep – just right!”). The finest moments in music are the occasions where you find a piece that becomes a ceaseless classic on first listen, and this is exactly what Submotion Orchestra do to me with every new release. Bliss.

Going through a bit of Oneman I realized Submation Orchestra are back with their newest single “All Yours”, which is now available through Exceptional Records. The track will undoubtedly accompany many a man this Summer, and every season to follow. A beautiful song, and this is where a line is drawn. No boilerplate descriptions for this one. It simply doesn’t do the track any justice, so before you continue reading please press play. The music speaks for itself. Combining a live performance with a pinch of sub bass is what differentiates the group’s back catalogue from aforementioned songs, that digitally get together the subdivisions of bass and jazz. The unique sunshine-laced track “All Yours” is quite simply magical; the progression throughout the track is bewildering and the sublime emotive vocals of singer Ruby Wood are perfect. The track will undoubtedly creep into the secret places of the soul of anyone who fancies a bit of jazz at times. The release comes with a careful remix by fellow Loiner Jack Sparrow which you can stream here. Ranking Recordings are giving away an acoustic version of the song for free here as well. The only forthcoming release that matters anymore is their debut full-length, dropping this Summer.

All Yours (New Single Preview) by Submotion Orchestra

Find Submotion Orchestra on Soundcloud and buy the single through iTunes here.

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  1. Wow! I recently heard Skream’s Summer Dreams and decided to find more music similar to that. I’m glad to say that you’ve helped me find some incredible new music!

    Keep up the good work!

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