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Interview: Update with P. MORRIS

Two years ago we interviewed P. MORRIS as he was popping up on the scene with his own Goombawave sound and the Bear Club Music Group. Since then he has relocated from his home state of Kansas to sunny Los Angeles, changed his name and has been tuning up his sound and production whilst working […]

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Recommended: Lil Jabba – Dusty

Some have called Lil Jabba (real name Alex Shaw) the ‘Prince of Footwork’ and the title aptly fits. Scrolling through the producer’s SoundCloud page you will see he has a thorough understanding of the intricate and dizzying rhythms of footwork and juke, seeing as he mastered his chops being a member of the perpetually-unfuckwittable Teklife […]

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One on One: Towa Tei – Future Listening!

Towa Tei is not a native New Yorker.  He moved to the city from Japan to study graphic design in 1987. A musician by night, Tei met Supa DJ Dimitry and Lady Miss Kier during his first three years of living there. They went on to form Deee-Lite, a dance trio that released the classic […]

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