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Truancy Volume 189: Peggy Gou

Looking back on the last couple years, you’d be hard-pressed in finding a producer and DJ that’s enjoyed a meteoric rise more than Peggy Gou. Peggy has mentioned that she was sitting on around, give or take, two hundred tracks worth of music before she released her debut EP Art Of War last year. The quick-fire succession of releases […]

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Interview: Aquarian

I first met Brooklyn-based, Canadian producer Aquarian last year at Unsound festival in Kraków, Poland. Having spent his summer living in Berlin, he came to Ireland earlier this month to play the country’s largest festival, out in the Co. Laois countryside: Electric Picnic. This time we would meet in Dublin for an interview, some fifty […]

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Recommended: Solid Blake & DJ Stingray

Solid Blake is a member of the Copenhagen-based Apeiron Crew, who mixed the 169th Truancy Volume. Her solo debut record is also a first for new label Outer Zone, an offshoot from Glasgow’s La Cheetah Club party. A “long-time friend” of the club, Blake was a natural fit for the imprint’s inaugural release. La Cheetah […]

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Truancy Volume 188: Roi Perez

Whilst a fair percentage of Panorama Bar and Berghain residents customarily have more than a decade worth of history and experience playing at the two renowned clubs, Ostgut’s roster in recent years has since expanded to host a handful of newer DJs and producers. Kobosil, Somewhen and Etapp Kyle have all been added over the […]

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Truancy Volume 187: Russell E.L Butler

Originally from Bermuda, the now Bay Area-based producer Russell E.L Butler has spent the last eight years in Oakland decolonizing their music process through a method of improvisation and empathic intuition, all the while taking influence from the culture of the island and the black, queer diaspora. Their music and work, often steeped with themes […]

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Truancy Volume 186: Sybil Jason

Sybil Jason is a Haitian-American multi-disciplinary artist from New York. In 2006 she set up a blog called FARCED, which has survived through the years as an mp3 blog and home to her various mixes. She started a FARCED show on Berlin Community Radio in 2014, following some years presenting the Minimal Wave show on […]

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Sunday’s Best Pt. L

Les Graciés is a collaboration between Gaël Segalen of IhearU and Eric Douglas Porter of Afrikan Sciences. Following several years of musical exploration and recording, they released their debut LP Low Doses for Scotland’s Firecracker label in 2016. Put simply, their music is a fascinating melange of sound art and techno, moving beyond a collision […]

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Truancy Volume 185: Justin Cudmore

Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, Justin Cudmore has over the years found himself situated near or in some of electronic music’s most influential cities. Making regular trips to Chicago for SmartBar whilst at university a short distance away, Cudmore then packed up for New York, a move he initially thought wasn’t for him. Since relocating to […]

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Truancy Volume 184: FOOZOOL & 8ULENTINA

Hailing from the Bay Area, FOOZOOL and 8ULENTINA established a regular performance space for local interdisciplinary artists working beyond the paradigms of genres and unilateral approaches to sound through their night, Club Chai. Now, Club Chai has expanded into a greater operation including radio shows, guest mixes, workshops, art shows plus a label arm featuring […]

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Truancy Volume 183: Ahadadream

A few months ago we asked some questions to London-based producer and DJ, Ahadadream, just as he got set to drop the second release on his own label More Time. We discussed his inspirations and mantras, his dream Boiler Room lineup and how he went about producing the tracks for that very second EP. Titled Movements, we described it as a […]

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Interview: Best Available Technology

A few years back we spoke to Portland-based Kevin Palmer, aka Best Available Technology. An artist who’s been working for several decades, he only started to release under this name in 2012, with records and tapes for labels like Opal Tapes, Astro:Dynamics and Styles Upon Styles. He recently returned to the latter to release Exposure Therapy, a series […]

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Sunday’s Best Pt. XLIX

Despite the rich musical history of Washington, DC, its neighboring suburbs aren’t the first places that spring to mind when it comes to thriving house and techno scenes. But with labels like 3024, Future Times and 1432 R, crews such as TNX and Rush Plus, and parties by ROAM and SEQUENCE, the District at-large continues […]

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