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Truancy Volume 105: DJ Chardi

Ged Gengras’ name has cropped up a lot lately. He’s been in bands such as Robedoor and Pocahaunted, he’s released on Truants-favourite Opal Tapes as Personable and then there’s the music he releases under M. Geddes Gengras. In typical fashion, Ged has had … Continue reading

18. November 2014 by Antoin Lindsay
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Truancy Volume 103: Victoria Kim

Sydney via Seoul’s Victoria Kim deliver our 103rd Truancy Volume, a whirlwind exploration of the hybridization of K-Pop and the UK’s pummelling drum trax. Initially producing a host of housey RnB edits, the duo have recently turned to Korean vocal work for … Continue reading

21. October 2014 by Tobias Shine
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Interview: Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell has been a major player on the Bristol scene for some time now. He set up the Idle Hands label with a release from Peverelist in 2009, and followed that up with releases from local boys and girls like … Continue reading

14. October 2014 by Aidan Hanratty
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Truancy Volume 102: Deadboy

In 2010, we saw the release of tracks that are now considered classics such as Wut, Work Them, CMYK, Maze and of course a little edit of Drake’s Fireworks by a South London producer named Deadboy. At the time, it … Continue reading

07. October 2014 by Riccardo Villella

Truancy Volume 101: Interstellar Funk

‘Two Degrees of Separation’ is the theory that everyone and everything in Amsterdam is two or fewer steps from each other, by way of introduction. This is how we first got in touch with Olf van Elden – alias Interstellar Funk … Continue reading

26. September 2014 by Soraya Brouwer
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