Premiere: Rolling Ones – Faded Delorian

We first came across Jordan Poling’s production when he shared a split release on L.A.G with the Point Break guys back in 2014. Prior to that, he had already contributed a track for Fred P’s Soul People Music label under the name JD, but the Jordan alias seems to be what he’s devoted his attention to these last couple of years. Having relocated from the Midwest to New York City some time ago, he’s been a regular employee at Brooklyn’s Halcyon record store whilst also holding a collaborative residency with Cory James at Bossa Nova Civic Club. A musical college of sorts, the combination of the two has resulted in some impeccable mixing ability and an impressive series of releases over the last few years, which we highly recommend going back through and listening to. Poling’s freshest release sees him launching his new label Division Point Industries, which comes spawned off the back of the aforementioned residency. The first outing arrives as another newly-launched project, in the form of a collaboration with fellow producer Tin Man, under the alias Rolling Ones. Tin Man’s acidic melodies and Jordan’s deep, resonating house are a brilliant match and we’re able to have a full stream of one of our favourite cuts from the release. With each of the four tracks on the EP named after classic cars, “Faded Delorian” is a delicate and low-slung affair that’s suited to those much needed breaks from peak time records.

Rolling Ones – Rolling Ones EP is out on Division Point Industries on the 29th February


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