Sunday’s Best Pt. VIII

To quote Gloria Gaynor, I am what I am, and what I am is a complete and utter fool for a snazzy re-edit, especially when the original is a dangerously infectious chunk of chugging Motown boogie released in the year of my birth (yikes). Sample hounds might also notice a slice of a vocal used in Back 2 Skool, Sidechains’ anthemic piano rave-off from this summer. See, don’t ever say this blog ain’t educational. So from disco, to er, disco, let’s get our skates on and hit the rollerdrome to Rayko’s edit of The Dazz Bands Let It Whip.

Download: Let It Whip (Rayko edit) (192 kbps)

These next two tracks are so amazing, I’ve got nothing to say.

Download: Kenton Slash Demon – Sun (Portable Remix) (128 kbps)

Download: Donna McGhee – Make It Last Forever (Mr. Ho Edit) (320kbps)

I don’t know about you, but for me, the joy of these house and dubstep retreads of popular rnb jams a la James Blake, Soul Clap etc, is in hearing something you know and love altered, reconfigured and redeveloped so it’s almost like you’re hearing it for the first time. Again, maybe it’s just me, but Baby Bash’s Na Na (The Yummy Song) isn’t what I’d call a popular favourite. Even better you might say, as Brooklynite Wreck Tech throws out a sinister growler that you’d never believe grew out of a largely unknown party track. With the right sounds, this dude’s line about being ready with a videotape seems a whole lot creepier. Beeps and bleeps, robotic whispers, beats that sound like cards rolling out, all sit under the anaemic original’s repeated “na nas”, pitched down to a haunting level, adding to an already menacing level of moodiness that perfectly matches the new title of My Nasty Texts Went To My Dad.

Download: Wreck Tech – My Nasty Texts Went To My Dad (320 kbps)

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Ado for a while after hearing some brilliant tracks early on in the year and he recently gave out a load of tracks to promote his upcoming EP, which is getting a release in January on Wax:On. Of all the tracks that he gave out though Multiply Me is the one for me. Trust me this is worth hearing on a big system.

Download: Ado – Multiply Me (320 kbps)

The next track is one that I heard a while ago on Rinse and couldn’t stop thinking about it since, no rhyme intended. Deadboy’s remix of Jamie Woon’s Night Air apparently didn’t make the first cut as an official remix initially, but is due for a 12″ vinyl release on the brand new Good Years, together with Becoming Real’s take on the song. Thank your lucky stars for that, who would pass up on a track like this really? Woon’s smooth vocals accompanied by Deadboy’s even smoother trademark synths, flowing like a tranquil dream. Luckily we have a repeat button that allows us to relive this dream a few or more times.

Download: Jamie Woon – Night Air (Deadboy Remix) (192 kbps)

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