Truancy Volume 12: DJ Generik

For Truancy numero twelve we invited Melbourne’s finest: Tyson O’Brien. Tyson is better known as DJ Generik; next to his monthly club night on the Southern Hemisphere you might know him from his hilarious video interview with Busy P and other work he’s done for One Love. He also has a little radio show at JJJ, previously made some splendid remixes for Drop The Lime, Yothu Yindi and Sharam Jey and has an equally splendid amount of frequent flyer miles to his name. None of us have had the honor to see him play live yet but what his mixtapes make us believe it’s that his sets are all about having fun and good music. The mix is an hour of festivity filled with little treats and has a little bit of everything in it: from funk soul to some Trouble&Bass (also including his own remix of Set Me Free at the end of the mix) and even EURODANCE! This mix really fits with good weather and good moods, and if you’re not in a good one it will definitely cheer you up. Give TRUANCY VOLUME 12: DJ GENERIK a listen and read the Q&A that goes with it, where he reveals the name of this newborn baby, the mystery around his flyer miles and what he’s doing right now.

Hey Generik, how are you? I’m great! preparing for a holiday to escape the coming Australian winter. I’ve got a few more remixes in the line, one for an Australian act Jam Xpress (a collaboration between Andy Murphy and DJ Jorj), they’re making great disco-house. Also, I will be doing another remix for Drop the Lime, he’s one of my favourites. I’m also working on an EP, I have my radioshow on JJJ and on top of that I’m heading back overseas for “work”.

Can you tell us something about the mix? The mix is a bit diverse. There are a few really old songs, some brand newies and one of my remixes for Drop the Lime! I wanted to try give the best insight into what I do, play and like with this mix. Anything from disco to house and slamming techno is all on the cards! My inspiration for this mix would be to become to worlds biggest blog dj / producer. Hahaha, only kidding! There is no real inspiration, it’s just what i like, what i do and hopefully people enjoy that about me and my mix, Alfred. Indeed, I gave the mix a name – Alfred.

When’s the best time to listen to this mix? Listen to this at 10pm on a Friday or Saturday night! As you’re smoking a cigarette, having a beer or doing a shot getting ready to go out for the night. put this on. It starts slow then, BAM!, and you can leave the house whistling or singing like a lady bug!

You say you have enough frequent flyer miles to DJ on the moon. How many do you have? Haha, it’s funny you ask this. With my work in Australia I have to travel a fair bit and no-one at work is really sure what I do, so I’ve earnt the title “frequent flyer” and its even on my business card! As for actual figures around 320,000 last time I looked.

 Truancy Volume 12: DJ Generik by TRUANTS

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  1. Janna, I think you meant to say ‘one of Melbourne’s finest’ since Tom shares a number one spot with Tyson.


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