Somehow you better realize when the music you're dancing to comes from people that have been exploited, the best tribute you can have is setting yourself loose in unity with the exploited.
Theo Parrish
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Sunday’s Best Pt. XLVIII

With a couple of releases on Local Action already under his belt, NTS Manchester’s Finn has launched his own label, 2 B REAL (which we’ve been reliably informed is named after this DJ Deeon classic). Setting out with the sole purpose of creating a platform for fun dance records, he’s done just that with “Late […]

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Interview: Manchester With Love

You’d be hard-pressed to overstate the musical heritage of Manchester. From Factory Records and Joy Division to the Haçienda and Madchester, A Guy Called Gerald and Autechre to Oasis, WU LYF and the Fall, chances are you’ve felt its presence in your music library. At Truants, we’ve had Truancy Volumes from residents including Space Afrika, […]

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Truancy Volume 179: Cryptolect

Following from her crushing debut EP on UNO NYC, The Marrow In My Bones, we are extremely excited to see Cryptolect in the mix for Truancy Volume 179. Hailing from NYC, Cryptolect’s music rides the borderline of sensuality and melancholy, weaving together a wonder-world of emotional landscapes and images. It is an imaging body, conjuring […]

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Interview: Marks

Donny Marks is a producer based in Miami, Florida. For the past number of years he’s been experimenting with dark music that takes its cues from a number of sources – predominantly rap, grime and the aesthetic of horror movie soundtracks. His first release, a tape entitled Drain, is out on the UK’s exciting Coyote Records. He was also […]

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Interview: Ctrls

For Troels Baunbæk-Knudsen aka Ctrls, techno is a process of clarification as opposed to progression. His productions have found the comforts of home in Kr!z’s Token Records for the best part of half a decade now and his latest escapade on the Belgian imprint, Routing, is an incantation of his minimalist view on dancefloor techno. […]

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Truancy Volume 178: François X

For our 178th Truancy Volume we welcome François X, a producer and DJ from Paris who’s strongly helped define the French capital’s techno scene in the last decade, bringing in some of the scene’s most talented producers to the city for the first time via his Dement3d parties (which he runs with HBT). Having formed […]

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Interview: EOD

Hailing from a tiny suburb in Trondheim, Norway, EOD (aka Stian Gjevik) has provided the sixth release on Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver’s bbbbbb Records. Those who have have followed Stian’s Soundcloud these past few years have come to appreciate a constant stream of melodic electro and proto-buchla experiments – a stream that’s caught the eyes […]

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Truancy Volume 177: Jackmaster Pt. I

Truancy Volume 177 comes from our favourite selector. Affiliated with Numbers, Wireblock, Dress 2 Sweat, and Rubadub, Jackmaster is known generally as one of the most consistent forces in music. With a wealth of heavy-hitter, high profile mixes in his pockets, such as his DJ-Kicks mix, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, FabricLive instalment and more […]

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Recommended: Manni Dee – Your Public Image

It’s been two years since Leyla Records first made contact with Human Image, and it’s at the hand of the Amsterdam-based label’s inaugurator, Manni Dee, that we receive its eighth instalment: Your Public Image. The label prides itself on delivering headstrong, industrial-leaning techno and this four-tracker does just that. Fans of Dee will be familiar […]

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Interview: Yamaneko

At present, Yamaneko is the true form of producer and DJ Joe Moynihan, who has also appeared on Truants as Talbot Fade. Yamaneko’s rise has been that of a slow tide, bringing parts of each project to shore one wave at a time. His first trilogy was a mix-album-mix combination that wrapped ambient, grime, new […]

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Sunday’s Best Pt. XLVII

Starting off as Cong Burn Waves, a tape label and collective loosely based across the north of England and Glasgow, Cong Burn provides us with its first 12” in the form of a four-track-four-artist split release. Championed by the likes of Ben UFO, Jane Fitz, Steve Davis, Tasker and Lee Gamble (the latter two having […]

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