The Truancy Volumes


We’ve been running a mixtape series about since the very beginning of Truants. Entitled The Truancy Volumes, our aim is to showcase some of our favourite artists to our readers. We’ve been placed in the Top 25 of Best Mixtape Series on Mixcloud, alongside Mary-Anne Hobbs and Red Bull Music Radio (“The Truants crew left school early to work on their blogging and podcasting. This turned out to be the right decisions, as they have managed to amass one of strongest mix series to date.”). All our previous instalments are listed below. You can find a more compact overview of our Truancy Volumes and other mixes and giveaways on our SoundCloud.


If you ask 22 year-old Joey Butler, aka KID SMPL, what to call his music, don’t expect a straight answer. “Super introspective, isolated and wondering, but there are a lot of other people that could probably explain it better than I could”, he says. Like many other producers in the post-Burial soundscape, Kid Smpl’s unique blend of ethereal beats, hushed vocals and slowed tempo has been lumped in with the night bus sound. But what separates Kid Smpl from the others is the craft and subtlety he places into his compositions. The Seattle native was accepted into Red Bull Music Academy’s 2013 class in July and released his debut album, “Skylight”, on Hush Hush Records after that in November. For our 61st Truancy Volume, we’ve got Kid Smpl on the buttons. In order to get a better picture of the man behind the mix, we hopped on the night bus home with Kid Smpl to glide through the streets of Seattle. Read more.

Truancy Volume 61: Kid Smpl by TRUANTS


When a debut release finds its way into almost every year-end list, it’s hard to not take a little notice of Brooklyn-based producer BOOKWORMS. Having been taken under the wing of Ron Morelli and the L.I.E.S Records crew since his move from San Francisco to the Big Apple around a year ago, the young producer made his mark around May with the release of a hand-stamped white label containing the tracks “Love Triangle” and “African Rhythms.” Things slowly continued with a live show at the L.I.E.S Boiler Room takeover in New York and the inclusion of his track “360 Waves” in the recent L.I.E.S “American Noise” compilation, which rounds off the year wonderfully. With little to no information on the producer on the web we decided to hit him up for an interview and mixtape which he kindly delivered in the form of our sixtieth Truancy Volume: a thirty minute mix filled with the kind of music you can expect to hear out from the man in 2013. Read more.

Truancy Volume 60: Bookworms by TRUANTS


“I don’t dance” is a pretty bold statement coming from someone whose line of work is to make the rest of us dance – but LOCKED GROOVE clearly knows what he likes, and it seems to be working out. He shot straight to the top in 2012 with two EPs on Hotflush Recordings (“Keep It Simple” and “Rooted”) as well as one on Turbo (“Different Paths”), and Scuba’s heavy use of his material in his recent Fact mix shows that we have a lot to look forward to in 2013. Locked Groove has been in high demand lately, and his Truancy Volume reflects all the reasons why his DJ sets are worth catching. We caught up with him to see where he’s been at lately, which you can read below to find out such important information as why trance is maybe not so bad as you think and some of the more unexpected sounds that inspire him to do what he does. Read more.

Truancy Volume 59: Locked Groove by TRUANTS


GRINCH came to our attention in the beginning of this year with the release “Chapter 1” on his imprint Grinch Productions. Since it’s inception in 2011, the label has been an outlet for the work of him as well as his close friends. His 2012 release was indebted as much to dubstep as techno and straddled the two worlds with a grace few artists possess. He painted a barren scene, which had character that came from harsh noises and space. This isn’t a new concept, but the way in which he tackles music is rare and commendable. He calls Connecticut home, but his current musical tastes pull him toward New York. There he frequents parties and clubs such as Turrbotax and The Bunker, which are renowned for the care they take in booking talent. When he’s not listening to music until the wee hours of the morning he’s finishing up his Audio Engineering degree. This is someone with a lengthy musical background and production chops to back it up. Not to mention he’s an outstanding DJ, and now he’s behind the decks for our 58th Truancy Volume. During our chat he talks about how as a DJ he wants to take the listener on a journey and we guarantee this mix will do that. Read more.

Truancy Volume 58: Grinch by TRUANTS


“It is what it is, to paraphrase Derrick May.” is STEVE BICKNELL’s modest way of defining Lost, point final. Starting out in the early nineties, the Lost warehouse parties in London have become a singular event for both its visitors and the artists playing, becoming so closely associated with the forefront of techno and the emergence of new artists that their influence on the universal development of the genre can’t be misread. Lost offered many now renowned dignitaries their first gigs outside of the United States, and played a big role in paving the way for techno music in the United Kingdom over the last two decades. The party is still going nowadays, claiming the title of one of the longest running and most regarded nights pushing the “holy trinity of techno, house and beyond” in England. Regardless of the fact they’re located in the heart of the vibrant yet manic British club scene, they are still paying close attention to detail to atmosphere and presentation which certainly plays a factor in their nights leaving indelible impressions on all involved. Read more.

Truancy Volume 57: Steve Bicknell by TRUANTS


HUERCO S. is someone that we’re predicting to be on tip of a lot people’s tongues by the end of next year. He’s a Kansas City based artist that’s nonchalant without being dismissive and excited at prospect of more people listening to and enjoying his music. In the last two years his name’s been associated with labels such as Wicked Bass, Opal Tapes, B. YRSLF Division and in a few months’ time it will be stamped on the sleeve of a Future Times record and Opal Tapes’s first 12-inch reissue. Possessing a real DIY attitude nothing is off limits to him and for the perfect example look no further than his feelings on audio quality. We had a chance to speak with him about his sampling techniques, audio artifacts, and cheesy nineties CDs. He represents his city (not quite as much as our favorite rappers, but it’s important to him) and by the end of our chat revealed just enough about himself – hopefully his music can answer any lingering questions. Read more.

Truancy Volume 56: Huerco S. by TRUANTS


For our 55th Truancy Volume we take a little trip to Scotland’s third most populous city Aberdeen. Also wildly known as The Granite City, it is home to the busiest heliport in the world (little fact for you) and is also the birth place of Tuff Wax Records. Founded in 2009 by BONES & MONEY, the label originally stated its aim as a means of reviving interest in high quality vinyl, whilst cataloguing emerging scenes in the UK and releasing niche, collectable low run pressings. A bold statement but three years later the label has put out a selection of wonderful releases from the likes of many local talents in and around Scotland such as Yoin, Grobbie, Zubuntu and Lockah. Taking the Tuff Wax sound even further, the label has gone on to host regular parties and label takeovers with the likes of Donkey Pitch, Codeine Drums and The Big Beach Ball. Read more.

Truancy Volume 55: Bones & Money by TRUANTS


Our fifty-fourth Truancy Volume comes from Los Angeles beatmaker D33J. We first met him back at SXSW when we learned of his involvement with the WeDidIt Collective, and shortly thereafter realized that not only was he super likeable, but his music is as well, so naturally we’re very excited to finally share this mix with you. He released his “Tide Songs” EP (for free!) over a year ago, and 2012 has so far been a year full of big moves. He graduated school, moved to LA, released a string of seriously good remixes (plus today’s latest), played one of the first LA Boiler Rooms, and very recently signed to Anticon – an occasion that was celebrated by giving away even more free remixes. Read more.

Truancy Volume 54: D33J by TRUANTS


Andrew Field-Pickering, commonly referred to as MAXMILLION DUNBAR or MAX D, is in control of the decks for Truancy Volume 53. He is one half of the Future Times, the label responsible for some of dreamiest and tastefully retrospective music of the last few years. Coming from a background rooted in punk music, Pickering began his journey in high school through bands. At the same time his curiosity led him to delve deeper for the source material of the hip-hop songs he heard which brought disco and DJ culture to his attention. Musically, he’s part of Beautiful Swimmers with Ari Goldman, the lyrical front man of Food For Animals and on his own he’s behind the layered and synth-drenched music of Maxmillion Dunbar. Read more.

Truancy Volume 53: Maxmillion Dunbar by TRUANTS


There’s no denying Canada has brought us more than a fair share of musical talent in the past couple of years. Be it the blissful and unadulterated sounds of Ryan Hemsworth to the more left-field dance floor movers of Kevin Mcphee, the amount of flourishing talent from an array of backgrounds has been an extremely exciting one to watch. Toronto based producer Graham Bertie, otherwise known as NAUTILUSS can be placed perfectly into that description. Working on a track with Lord Skywave of Black Ghosts fame proved to be a valuable decision as the outcome involved producing “Ultraviolet”, a dreamy, infectious slice of music, that had Untold shortly picking them up for a debut release on Hemlock Recordings. Not to be pinned down to any one sound or be pigeonholed, Nautiluss has more recently been exploring the sounds of hard hitting and rhythmically strong club tracks that saw Montreal based label Turbo take him under their wing. Read more.

Truancy Volume 52: Nautiluss by TRUANTS


Washington DC’s VJUAN ALLURE is widely considered one of the innovators of ballroom music, to the point of being recognized as the originator of the genre’s “new sound,” setting the standard as well as raising the bar while steadily taking over dancefloors all over the world. Having released hundreds of tracks over the many years that he has spent producing and DJing, his longevity and prolific output testifies of his abilities to inspire as both a producer and as a DJ. Recently the movement to embrace voguing culture has been picking up momentum with increasing enthusiasm, with DJs from Ben UFO to Ikonika playing ballroom music in their sets and producers of all backgrounds adopting the iconic “ha” sample that makes so much ballroom music so distinguishable. Vjuan himself has been making waves in circles outside of ballroom music, with remixes appearing on MikeQ‘s “The Master Blaster EP” and on Bok Bok’s “Southside Remixes EP”. Read more.

Truancy Volume 51: Vjuan Allure by TRUANTS


For our 50th Truancy Volume we wanted to take stock in our values in what we have built here at TRUANTS for the past few years and stay true to the artists we hold dear the most. Our Truancy Volume series is something we hope you all love as much as we do, each and every time we receive a mix we are held by excitement. When we took the task of choosing someone to take charge of this landmark it was no different: TIMNAH SOMMERFELDT, an artist who has been able to capture our imagination with her true talent in production and DJing in equal measure, a Truancy Compilation alumni who has delved into her crates to produce what we deem one of our finest volumes to date.  Read more.

Truancy Volume 50 Timnah Sommerfeldt by TRUANTS


Before the London native Rob Glassett slowly started showcasing his solo efforts by means of his FOLD moniker, we first came to know of him through his deep house output together with Sam Fussell under the guise of Homepark. More recently, Glassett has started to exhibit more and more of his solo output as Fold and has subsequently been marked as the most recent addition to George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic crew with a release imminent on the label soon. For those eager to catch a glimpse of what to expect from Glassett’s individual work, his SoundCloud offers a substancial gander what his decadent deep house sounds like, not to mention that his “Melt” track had a special spot in our very own second Truancy Compilation. Consequently you’ll understand why we’re so excited to present you with our latest Truancy Volume today, amounting to two hours (!!) of smooth sounds selected by Fold especially for the occasion. We had a chance to catch up with Fold , so read on to learn about his musical roots, DJing duties and what to expect from him in the future while you do some essential summer listening!  Read more.

Truancy Volume 49: Fold by TRUANTS


New York resident and new kid on the block ANTHONY NAPLES made quite a stir earlier this year with his debut release on Mister Saturday Night, “Mad Disrespect”. The record, made up of his first finished tracks, is exactly what we would expect from a New York house record; it’s sexy, made for the dancefloor, and possesses just enough grit. What else could we ask for? We’re not the only ones to take notice of his talents on the buttons; Four Tet has enlisted him to remix the A-side of his next Text Records release, “128 Harps”. When someone like him snaps you up people pay attention and clearly this is only the beginning for Anthony, who is looking to release at least two more records this year. With plenty of ambition and the ability to back it up it’d be shame not to hear what music makes it into his mixes, hence why Truancy Volume forty-eight is mixed by the man himself.  Read more.

Truancy Volume 48: Anthony Naples by TRUANTS


Naysayers are all too quick to short-sightedly dismiss the positives of the internet’s influence on the music industry in the face of declining sales and other obstacles. However, by doing so they neglect the fact that the industry is significantly indebted to the internet for the countless number of great artists, genres and a huge expansion into exciting unexplored territories that it’s helped emerge in the past few years. Nova Scotian producer RYAN HEMSWORTH is both a product of his time and one of the rising stars who is quickly attracting much-deserved attention his way with a number of incredibly memorable and otherworldly solo EP releases as well as his impressive substantial catalogue of rap productions for highly-praised flourishing talents such as Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze and Deniro Farrar. Read more.

Truancy Volume 47: Ryan Hemsworth by TRUANTS


Using just one word, Edinburgh native and resident LuckyMe deejay ECLAIR FIFI once described the prolific Glaswegian label she calls home as colourful. It’s only fitting that this word, though abatedly, also perfectly describes her immense talent as a master selector where she comfortably hops between myriads of genres and auras like it ain’t nothing. Sure, having a varied and eclectic taste in music isn’t a strange phenomenon to many of us, but being able to effortlessly switch between deviating artists like Melé and Grimes and simultaneously being able to naturally make a seamless estimation of whether or not it’ll sonically work out isn’t just a matter of mixing skills anymore, it’s pure intuition. Thus it’s with great excitement that we proudly present this forty-sixth Truancy Volume provided by the based goddess herself, Eclair Fifi. Read more.

Truancy Volume 46: Eclair Fifi by TRUANTS


We’re in very high spirits about our newest Truancy Volume as this is the first mix that is curated by a fellow music journalist: installment number fourty-five is a journey through gangster and a little bit of French rap put together by one of our favourite writers Nicolas P., alias Pellion Purp, the man behind the French blog PURE BAKING SODA. The Paris-based Pure Baking Soda has been around since early 2009 and has been offering up a consistent stream of interesting rap journalism, something that strangely enough still appears to be rare in a time of rap over-saturation accessible over the digital airways. In the wavey Pure Baking Soda world a thing such as a “filler” post doesn’t seem to exist either; all features are carefully put together with a high amount of research and, most importantly, devotion is added to every single piece.  Read more.

Truancy Volume 45: Pure Baking Soda by TRUANTS


Chhavi Nanda alias CHIPPY NONSTOP is the Queen of the Internet. We first got to know of her a few years ago when she was making moves with the Trap House collective, mainly as a designer and writer. A little bit over a year ago Chippy stepped up as a vocalist with her first single being “Yous A Chote” with The Pack’s Stunnaman, after which she started collaborating with the likes of G-Eazy (“Outta Pocket“), MTV-star-turned-rapper Andy Milonakis, released a couple of singles in collaboration with Grizz Lee and more recently worked together with Friendzone and Metro Zu. Although the maneuver to music wasn’t a conscious nor weighty decision, Chippy is making big moves nowadays.  Read more.

Truancy Volume 44: Chippy Nonstop by TRUANTS


For the 43rd installation of our Truancy Volume series we’re proud to present a deep, kinetic mix from CHARLES DRAKEFORD, editor of the Boiler Room website and host of the fantastic weekly show “From The Depths” on NTS Radio. We had the pleasure of chatting with the tastemaking DJ about his experiences with NTS and Boiler Room, the lasting legacy of Plastic People, and the bottom line regarding the vinyl vs. digital debate. Read his insightful commentary and stream the exclusive mix after the jump. Read more.

Truancy Volume 43: Charles Drakeford by TRUANTS


For our latest volume in the ever-expanding Truancy series we reached out to London beatsmith MR. BEATNICK, hip-hop and house producer, FACT Magazine scribe, radio show presenter on NTS and all-round general good dude. His “Synthetes” EP really wowed us last year and the forthcoming “Sun Goddess” EP on Don’t Be Afraid sounds to be continuing in that gorgeous, blissed-out vein. We spoke about record collecting, Red Bull and how house music is a feeling. Read more.

Truancy Volume 42: Mr Beatnick by TRUANTS


Our latest installment in the Truancy Volume series comes from a promising newcomer hailing from Amsterdam who goes by the name of INDIVIDUALISM, real name Maarten Brijker. In 2010 he showcased his eclectic live performance complemented by a violinist among others and earned himself a national prize in the category of Dance at the unprecedented age of seventeen with it, a prize which was most recently won by long time Truants favourite Presk. Individualism’s enigmatic and experimental productions travel through realms of ethereality and mystery, maintaining coherent soulfulness throughout while advocating never to lose your attention or rhythmic inclinations for a second. If you need a perfect example of this, get a hold of his previous release that came out on Shipwrec in July, an EP entitled “Kaleidoscope” that provides the perfect setting to relive any of your endeared summers.  Read more.

Truancy Volume 41: Individualism by TRUANTS


Our fortieth installment into our Truancy Volume series comes from BEHLING & SIMPSON. Having released tunes together since 2004 under various guises and stacked up more than a hundred releases between them on an array of labels such as Tectonic, Burn Recordings and Earwax, the duo decided to take on the challenge of crafting their own fresh take on house music. With a debut release on Rippertons label, followed by some heavily championed edits and joining the likes of fellow Bristolians Julio Bashmore and Waifs & Strays on Futureboogie Recordings, the pair have cemented themselves as big ones to watch in the ever growing and evolving house scene. Read more.

Truancy Volume 40: Behling & Simpson by TRUANTS


While many current artists outside the direct circles of grime might cite the genre as a prime influence, not a lot of them manage to embody the heart of its icy emotions in their music quite like London-based producer LOGOS. Though he’s been producing for about eight years, there haven’t been a lot of releases to his name so far, with the exceptions being a rework of his own unreleased track “Frontier Dub” by Narcossist (nowadays known as Kowton) on Mindset Records and a 12″ on Radial Productions, his self-made currently inactive label created solely to as a means to release “Medicate”. Read more.

Truancy Volume 39: Logos by TRUANTS


What were you doing in your last year of school? Nerding out in the library or setting fire to the common room? Either way we’ll hazard a guess that the majority of you weren’t getting signed to record labels and producing smooth jams. Lancaster duo BONDAX, however, are doing just that. They’re all over the internet with their remixes and despite the fact that they only started producing about five minutes ago they’ve already been featured on lineups with the likes of Joker. Not bad for two guys that are only just wrapping up sixth form. Read more.

Truancy Volume 38: Bondax by TRUANTS


BABE RAINBOW, aka Cameron Reed, the man behind one of our favourite EPs of the year in the form of “Endless Path“, has been drip-feeding us with mind-bending music over the last few summers. We caught up with the Vancouver native and Warp artist when he was in Dublin playing with Battles recently to have a chat about the pitfalls and perils of genre, the rappers that got away and the state of the nation in present-day Canada. He was also kind enough to contribute the latest in our ever-growing series of Truancy Volumes. Think a whirlwind collage of 80bpm rap bangers, R Kelly hoedowns and Art of Noise-sampling emo jams that’ll have you crying on your commute. No tracklist, cause he wants to keep you guessing. Read more.

Truancy Volume 37: Babe Rainbow by TRUANTS


“I make music as Darling Farah, I’m from Detroit, and I make electronic music,” are Kamau Baaqi’s first words of introduction. The young producer released a triplet of releases on Civil Music last year, the most recent one being his “Division EP“, and you might also remember his track “Varsity” from our compilation that came out last Summer. DARLING FARAH‘s music could be described as a vivacious mixture of  Classic House and Garage, a bit of Dub-Techno and Broken Beat but with an own defined high style touch. After spending a couple of years in the United Arab Emirates, he recently relocated to London. “My dad was a musician and was always into music, I started hearing music from him and just always kept it around. Along the way I got into making it, and I had all the time to do that in Abu Dhabi. Now that I’m in London I try to get more of that time, and when I do I manage to make things happen.” Read more.

Truancy Volume 36: Darling Farah by TRUANTS


When we first came across the sounds of the twenty-two year old West County based producer TESSELA in the form of his All City released debut “Slugger” EP in June, it was immediately evident that it was going to be one of those releases that’s in it for the long haul, losing none of its original integrity and value despite many repeats. Coming from quite a strong musical background having learned a myriad of instruments at a younger age including the french horn, trumpet, double bass, piano and guitar, the young producer has strangely enough never been trained in the drums. Despite this, his current productions steadily lean on elements of confident sounding percussion, strong drum loops and binding rhythm that recur in his tracks, perhaps stemming from his current self-expressed increasing obsession with percussion. Read more.

Truancy Volume 35: Tessela by TRUANTS


“Don’t leave your girl ‘round me, heartbreaker for life.” Murs’ vocal chops over the still unreleased track “Don’t Leave Ur Girl Round Me” remain chiming in our ears almost over half a year after we were first introduced to the Bristol newcomer we’ve come to know as Abiel Bailie, better known as RIFFS. Combined with an ample use of juke drum patterns whose primary concern can’t be anything but to make its listeners twist and turn instantly, this track has kept its initial charming qualities with time. Although Riffs’ other tracks aren’t entirely converging these distinct footwork vibes, there are reoccurring elements in his body of work like his ruthless use of unconventional drum patterns and subtle yet gravid basslines that make his tracks immediately recognizable and lethal inna di dance. Read more.

Truancy Volume 34: Riffs by TRUANTS


Straight lean, Helix, patron. There are a lot of planetary and mathematical puns one can apply to Georgia-based producer Beau Thigpen, known under his moniker HELIX. Such as, no wonder he likes loops, or, his tracks are like smooth space curves, or, something about how many parsecs he’s away from Berlin. “I mean, I’m Helix?” is his own take on the introduction. “Not much to say, I’m just a shithead who makes trax a lot and that’s about the whole thing.” Helix produces pretty good trax at that; half a year ago his first release “Pavement”, a raw and dazzling sounding seven minutes track on a techno tip, came out on a limited split 12” through the Belgium label Other Heights. More recently his tracks were picked up by a few noted DJs from the United Kingdom and his music justly got more attention, as well as leading to more releases. One on the Glasgow imprint All Caps (“Stacks Riddim”), another EP on Other Heights, a collaboration with San Fransisco bound producer Simple on Ilian Tape and “Drum Track”, soon to be a much sought after white label release on London-based label. Read more.

Exclusive: Archie Pelago & Helix Mix (December 2012) by TRUANTS


Our thirty-second volume comes from Daniel Docherty aka TOTAL, an up and coming DJ who has been holding down a regular slot on the Nasty FM station for some time now. His mixes always excite and draw upon some of the finest areas of club music and this offering is no different. In fact, it extenuates his love of the various genres that find prominence today. ItÕs a real gold mine of favourites new and old but still finds time to get a hold of the hidden gems of each scene. A known grime head Total often ties the mix back to grime and becomes ever so personal with each time. With appearances of the likes of Dizzee, Trim and Kano the smiles get ever larger. But perhaps the biggest smile is saved for last with the mix culminates in the everlasting classic ‘Life’s a Bitch’ by Nas, a terrific end to a volume that really charts a personÕs past and ongoing loves to the new and current. Read more.

Truancy Volume 32: Total by TRUANTS


The thirty-first Truancy Volume comes from Travis Egedy, better known for his work as PICTUREPLANE. The Denver-based artist has always been infamous for his eclectic style and variety in taste, and his delivery for this volume is another example of his chameleon-like comfort in style-hopping from one genre to the next. Egedy has given us an authentic mixtape feeling in the realest sense of the word, as it truly is a compilation of an artistÕs heartfelt picks, not being limited by the different genres they all might be treading on. Even if you can’t keep up with the audial shifting that’s going on, the energy and atmosphere is sure to get through to you. It’s all over the place and aggressive, and that’s just how he likes it. From pitch shifted Madonna into deep house, classic vogue house into electro cumber riddims and 8-bit Lady Gaga, this Truancy Volume is sure to get you moving in one way or another. Read more.

Truancy Volume 31: Pictureplane by TRUANTS


For the thirtieth Truancy Volume, we’re proud to announce a Montreal duo who you should all know the name of by now, having contributed the amazing “Steady Moving” to the first Truancy Compilation and a recently released debut EP on the ever growing Templar Sound, that’s got everyone from Teki Latex to Jacques Greene all hot and bothered. As well as amazing producers in their own right GROWN FOLK have also proved themselves as able DJs through a series of mix collections on their Soundcloud, so a Truancy Volume from them only felt natural. Grown Folk deliver on all expectations, wrapping up a superb mix at just over an hour, spanning the likes of unreleased tracks from themselves, Skanky and Prince Club, as well as much loved tracks from Koreless, Ollie Macfarlane, Canblaster and Jacques Greene. Read more.

Truancy Volume 30: Grown Folk by TRUANTS


With 16 tracks in 35 frenetic minutes, PANTEROS666 (fka Kamel Toe) has killed it on this latest Truancy Volume. Within little more than half an hour this crazy moustached Frenchman has encapsulated the crazy noisy amazing exciting sounds coming out of his homeland (and beyond) right now. Focusing on his own tracks and some from his label/stable-mates Marble Players, Myd, Canblaster, Teki Latex and Para One, this mix will slap you in the face and leave you shook. You dun kno. All that matters is that this will jerk your head up and demand your attention. Panteros666 will take you on a trip to the Playground, full of Monsters, Animals and Deep Sea Creatures, all the way to the Northside with an Aisle Seat, while weÕre having some gosh darn Calculated Fun. Read more.

Truancy Volume 29: Panteros 666 by TRUANTS


For our twenty-eigth installment of the Truancy Volumes series, we are proud to have the Brighton based GUY ANDREWS in the mix, a producer who seems to have mastered the craft of filling the spaces in between his mesmerizing beat patterns with a soulful type of ambience, that stay embedded with your emotions for the long haul. His “Your Notion” EP is an attestment to his characteristic feeling for organic rhythms and is subsequently due for a much-anticipated forthcoming release on Discobelle Records. Though not necessarily similar to the flow of his own productions, Andrews’ Truancy Volume is an excellent collection of tracks that contain the elements that define his taste and what you could expect to hear at one of his DJ-sets. Read more.

Truancy Volume 28: Guy Andrews by TRUANTS


Our next Truancy Volume comes from Swiss producer WILDLIFE! whose ability on effortlessly mixing and combining dancehall and electronic music has garnered him huge support from the likes of Diplo, Sinden and L-Vis 1990 to many other musical connoisseurs. Having founded the now revered dancehall soundsystem Gold Rush International at the tender age of 19, he went on to record numerous dubplates with a range of dancehall and reggae legends such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Beres Hammond and Vybz Kartel. Adopting the WILDLIFE! moniker in 2008 he produced numerous tracks for Terry LynnÕs album Kingstonlogic 2.0, which was received to critical acclaim, and he subsequently went on tour with her. Having hit even bigger in 2009 with the inescapable catchy anthem “Jumbie”, the track even got the attention of Nike who used it to soundtrack their “Nike Trackbike Football” video. With such a great list of achievements, it only felt right to catch up with him and ask for a mixtape so without further ado we present you volume number twenty-seven, a fifty minute mix showcasing the very best of dancehall and forthcoming tracks by the likes of Dr. Gonzo, TRRBO, Diplo, Douster and Terry Lynn. Read more.

Truancy Volume 27: Wildlife! by TRUANTS


There he is, front and centre, shoes shined, hair neatly combed and grinning his little face off– Fabio BROKE ONE Brocato, the latest gift of boxfresh talent from Italy forcing us sit up and take notice. A gallant ambassador of the current resurgence in a more traditional house sound ripe with hands-in-the-air opportunities and old-skool piano riffs, Fab has graced remixes for Reset!, Scuola Furano, Evil Nine, Night Drugs, Kavinsky & Teki Latex with his midas touch, as well as producing his own tracks made especially for those of us who will always have a soft spot for a fat piano breakdown. With an exclusive track forthcoming on the much-anticipated Moda compilation and the impending release of his Stop Making Sense EP, we caught up with Fabio to see what else is popping and bagged you an exclusive sweet-assed Truancy Volume in the process from the new boy everyone’s keeping a watchful eye on, but not in a lecherous way, you understand. Well, maybe a bit. Read more.

Truancy Volume 26: Broke One by TRUANTS


After last weeks venture, the Truancy volumes roll onto numero 25 and this time we’re proud to present a mix all the way from Canada by the enigmatic JOHN ROMAN. Supported by the likes of Brodinski, Carte Blance, Nadastrom, Congorock to pretty much everyone else he’s known as a guy who gets his head down and doesn’t stop working. The twenty-fifth Truancy Volume goes in hard at around 58 minutes of music with a diverse range of techno and house from Cosmin TRG to TWR72, that should appeal to a number of music lovers. The fact that he ends with Vangelis should be a reason alone to listen to this mix. Throw in some exclusives in the form of the NT89 remix of Sala and John Romans own track War Drumz and some of the tightest mixing we’ve heard in a while and you’ve got yourself a dam tidy mix. Read more.

Truancy Volume 25: John Roman by TRUANTS


Our promotional mix for the night contains sixty minutes worth of tracks that all contain the sort of motion-inducing dynamics you’ll need to get yourself steady and moving. The first half an hour of this mix are the sounds of SORAYA taking you through her sonic adventure, starting off lustrously warm with Seven Wonders’ absolute classic “Crazy”, that still has the capacity to get any mood lifted into the perfect kind of positivity and tranquility you need before entering a club. The atmosphere swiftly shifts its gear to something a lot more vigorous and gets into some real bad things with Addison Groove, prepping us for the ridiculous energy that’s bottled up into the succeeding Surgeon remix that still physically pulls you into movement time and time again. Soraya ends her segment by progressing into Ramapearson Donovan’s charming “Babeh”, whereafter we’re taken to the lovely mixing of FEMME EN FOURRURE. Starting off with the fresh sounds of Fresh and insane patterns by James Braun, this part of the mix is where the hypnotic beats that channel non-stop motion come into the picture. Bok Bok takes things up a notch with his acid house take on Don Morris’ “In Da Groove”, after which The Phantom’s take on Viadrina’s “Back To City”, that’s due for a release later this week on Top Billin, brings a melodious flavour to the table. Read more.

Truancy Volume 24: On Hundred And One by TRUANTS


The au fait up and coming producer from Dutch soil, Presk, also known as Pieter Willems, has releases coming up on Fourth Wave, the new Ramp sub label and Doc Daneeka’s label Ten Thousand Yen in the next few months. Presk’s music is striking; the keywords to his productions are full-toned, rhythmic, sub bass, soulful but above all of adept and good, dare we say wondrous. We are proud to introduce you to Presk on the basis of an interview about his musical background, his current and older projects, his dislike for rodents and the thoughts behind his Truancy Volume. Because yes, the interview is accompanied by the twenty-third installment of the Truancy Volumes by the hand of Presk himself! TRUANCY VOLUME 23: PRESK is a mix tape a little under an hour which showcases some of his forthcoming tracks on aforementioned labels, and a selection of new and old favourites. A bit of Chandler and M-Dubs, some Cassius and a whole lot of Presk: we could throw some praising adjectives at you but why not turn it up and decide for yourself?

Truancy Volume 23: Presk by TRUANTS


Boys and girls, this Truancy Volume is a very special one. The guys behind it, TWR72 (real names Roger van de Zwan and Tom Doorschodt), are two of the most exciting producers on the block right now and have a lot in store for the near future. On top of that they are also the first Amsterdam-based DJ’s/producers featured in the Truancy Volume series, and it’s about time! With a name change from The Walk and Rogerseventytwo to TWR72 last year, came a change of focus from DJ’ing to producing. A shift we applaud, and although these guys definitely know how to handle the decks we can assure you their live show is something completely different and fresh. Two releases to their name in 2010, a remix on Sound Pellegrino, all the big cats in the game supporting them, airplay on BBC1 and some amazing gigs throughout Europe – last year has been good to them, and this year will undoubtedly be even better. Read more.

Truancy Volume 22: TWR72 by TRUANTS


The latest Truancy Volume for you to feast upon comes steeped in glacial disco swagger from BXENTRIC – one of the most promising and hardest working duos to emerge in UK dance music over the past year, and who’ve now artfully thrown down an effervescent mixtape exclusively for TRUANTS that captures their trademark vibe. 2010 has been quite the journey for Bryn & Chris; the last 12 months have seen the pair embark on a steep upward trajectory on course to infiltrate the upper echelons of the disco/house scene, fuelled by their unrelenting enthusiasm and passion for music, accelerated by a turbo shot of sheer determination and of course, a hefty wedge of raw talent. So let’s start invading the personal space of the boys before we fully immerse ourselves in eau de Bxentric; I for one would happily live next door to them if this kind of soundtrack will be making the walls shake on a regular basis.. Read more.

Truancy Volume 21: Bxentric by TRUANTS


When it comes to our Truancy Volumes we mean serious business and our entry into the twenties comes from a Swedish producer who’s managed to easily tackle the production barrier of releasing quality AND quantity this year. With a recent six track EP of originals out on Fat Records and his Burnin’ EP out today on his own label Horehaus, I often wonder how TONY SENGHORE manages to fit so much work into the space of just 24 hours a day and still have the time and decency to conjure up a a colossus 75 minute mix for our Twentieth Truancy Volume. Lots of exclusives in this one including 5 unreleased remixes from the man himself and forthcoming tracks from Noob, Harvard Bass, Felix Cartal, Hey Today!, NT89, and Camel which makes for a good 1/3 of the whole mix! Press play and indulge on some of the finest music that one of Sweden’s top producers has to offer! Read more.

Truancy Volume 20: Tony Senghore by TRUANTS


For our nineteenth Truancy Volume, we present you with the up and coming VOLTRON: a deejay trio hailing from Belgium that are emerging to be a promising talent for the coming year. Together with fellow Belgian DJs Ultravid, they run the young small label Silverback Recordings, which in their own words is “trying to define the future sound”. About this mix, Voltron says — “For this mixtape we selected a few older tunes we really like and wanted to share, next to some newer gems and a couple of exclusives from amazing artists we support like Nguzunguzu, Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Bad Autopsy, Manaré. I think you can listen to it just after waking up, but as well before a night out. I can’t give you an ideal timing actually, because those are most of the tunes we’ve been listening to all day lately anyways.” Read more.

Download: Truancy Volume 19: Voltron DJs (109,1MB)


The first Truancy Volume ever was a gem of a Truancy volume, mixed down carefully by him too. Back then, he went by the name of RiotKid but nowadays, he goes by his first name MANARÉ. It didn’t seem more than appropriate to kick off the new website with a new mix done by the new Manaré. Well, not exactly a new Manaré – although he has progressed throughout the year, he still has the same distinct trademark that flows through his earlier tricksy productions and skillful mixes. This mixtape holds a variety of artists: from Ramadanman to Ogris Debris, from Chaos In The CBD to new Manaré productions. And not only do we celebrate Manaré’s birthday, it’s also the time to celebrate the one year anniversary of YounGunz! Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 18: Manaré by TRUANTS


HIGHBLOO is one of the biggest artists to emerge from Belgium in the last twelve months. Creating the project right after being blown away by Popof in December 2008, the young belgian has come a long way since mid last year and it only seems like yesterday that his track 50cl first hit the blogosphere, causing a mass ball of hype and turning heads of some of the biggest players in the scene such as Brodinski, Crookers and Sound of Stereo. Fast forward till now and ?Highbloo, along with his partners in crime, The Partyharders crew, is playing in front of thousands of people at sold out festivals such as Pukkelpop and 10 Days Off. Secret to his success? I can only imagine it being down to some killer remixes for the likes of Foamo, Will Bailey, Ampersand and a debut EP on Lektroluv Records which garnered support from pretty much everyone. With a follow up EP titled Fakirology out soon on the 4th October and a set at this years I Love Techno event, its safe to say the boy’s done good! Read more.

Truancy Volume 17: Highbloo by TRUANTS


Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, FEMME EN FOURRURE are a duo made up of Juuso Malin and Bianca. They met each other 6 years ago. It all started out as a basic artistic experimental project, but soon enough they formed a serious act. They strenuously claim they do not take themselves seriously, yet. Perhaps the sexuality of the tracks give way to the joke. Bass-heavy, minimal, imaginative, innovative, experimental and, at times even futuristic, Femme have mastered in living up to the “less is more” motto. The two acquired their main inspiration from Detroit minimal techno and the generic dancefloor grooves in the early days of the scene. Femme have obtained the ability to “make music that is explicitly uncompromising.” Both Dirty Blonde EPs were received all too well amongst the crowds, as it sums up in many ways what these two are all about: extending the boundaries of modern-day electronic music. Read more and stream here.



Effix de Brogniez, is born and raised in Liège – a place that he whimsically refers to as Los Angeliège. At a young age the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Style of Eye and Felix Da Housecat caught his attention, and after seeing Felix Da Housecat live he knew that DJ’ing was his true vocation. Aged fifteen, he went on a mission and together with his friend François Genot he hit the road and started putting out mixes and productions under the name BAD DANCER (“I’m a bad dancer, so I DJ.”), one remarkable track being their remix for Myd’s Noria and a mix for the Partyharders crew. Effix spent the last years drowning himself in techno music; four years later and now a solo artist, he’s extremely techno-savvy for a person his age. It’s noteworthy that his “techno-vision” is very Europe orientated, supporting artists from Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Paris and the likes – there is no place for Detroit techno soldiers in his world. Read more.

Truancy Volume 15: Bad Dancer by TRUANTS>


Different continents, different timezones, a parallel universe, nothing can even get close standing in the way of DJ NEOTERIC‘s dedication. The Vancouver-based music junkie paused his sleep and crawled out of bed at five in the morning to talk to us about Truancy 14, a record-breaking 80 minutes blend up of almost 40 tracks. There’s no way you haven’t met and encountered Neoteric during internet travels yet: He’s done a Mystery Mix and has just made a compilation called Turned On: Volume 1 for our brothers over at Discobelle, he is involved with vinyl project dubsided, runs the White Light Mix Series (of which he did one himself last January), and on top of that you can stream his own creations from his MySpace. That’s one hell of a Curriculum Vitae! Being the music addict that he is, he finds it very important to turn people on to good music. In his eyes mystery mixes are ideal, as they really force you to get into the music, the labels, being on top of tracks and where they come from. Although the track list is no mystery in this case, it will definitely have you participating in many ways – it bounces from new to old through different genres with a constant summery feeling, and definitely brings something new to the table for everyone. Read more.

Truancy Volume 14: Neoteric by TRUANTS


Paris-based producer and DJ SAM TIBA knows how he has to do with his decks, described by his management as melting B-More and Jamaican riddims and easily shifting between a 70 BPM differences in his live shows. His main target is to get the spectators to shake their booty, and all will be tip-top. His holding in the Club Cheval’s Valentine Mix showed us that Sam Tiba has a good knowledge of corny and saccharine tracks. With TRUANCY VOLUME 13: SAM TIBA he’s just stating the obvious. The man is all about good music and smooth mixing – or rather, as he says himself, he’s about whatever. Whatever, someone providing us exclusives on this level and ending their mix with the full length of Lil Wayne’s Me And My Drank, thus having Weezy cover 1/7 of the mix, deserves everlasting love.. Read more.

Truancy Volume 13: Sam Tiba by TRUANTS


For Truancy numero twelve we invited Melbourne’s finest: Tyson O’Brien. Tyson is better known as DJ GENERIK; next to his monthly club night on the Southern Hemisphere you might know him from his hilarious video interview with Busy P and other work he’s done for One Love. He also has a little radio show at JJJ, previously made some splendid remixes for Drop The Lime, Yothu Yindi and Sharam Jey and has an equally splendid amount of frequent flyer miles to his name. None of us have had the honor to see him play live yet but what his mixtapes make us believe it’s that his sets are all about having fun and good music. The mix is an hour of festivity filled with little treats and has a little bit of everything in it: from funk soul to some Trouble&Bass (also including his own remix of Set Me Free at the end of the mix) and even EURODANCE! This mix really fits with good weather and good moods, and if you’re not in a good one it will definitely cheer you up. Read more.

Truancy Volume 12: DJ Generik by TRUANTS


It’s a safe assumption to make that NGUZUNGUZU have a huge future ahead of them with all their upcoming releases, productions and remixes. So it’s with a lot of pleasure and excitement that we’d like to introduce you to our eleventh mixtape: TRUANCY volume 11 by NGUZUNGUZU! The mix is filled with all kinds of tracks that the two of them are excited about now. Asma & Daniel tried to keep a laid-back vibe with a lower BPM to try something different and give tracks that they don’t usually play a chance to shine. The ideal setting that one should blast this mixtape to? “Right when you wake up, when you’re walking to the train or when you’re riding in your car to the beach.” Read more.

Truancy Volume 11: NGUZUNGUZU by TRUANTS


MILKRUN consider track selection a very important element about live sets and mixtapes and tell us that their mixtapes are a concentrate of what they do in DJ-sets. When it comes to this exclusive mix they did for TRUANTS specifically, Milkrun’s main goal and thought behind the mix is to show their vision of a good trip in a club. This doesn’t necessarily refer to drugs as they’re not really into that themselves, but just playing out these tracks real loud should be a real evasion on its own. These tracks can seem smooth on a first listen, but if you crank up that volume button, you’ll realize that they’ll help you reach a whole other dimension. So little TRUANTS kids, our must-have tip for this mix is ignoring your neighbourly love for an evening or two and crank this mix up real loud! Read more.

Truancy Volume 10: Milkrun by TRUANTS


Some of you may have already heard of these two guys from When Saints Go Machine, the critically acclaimed Danish indie band who have seen huge success worldwide, especially with the release of their debut album Ten Makes A Face, but not many of you might have heard of Silas and Jonas’s more club orientated percussive sound which they produce under the name KENTON SLASH DEMON. I’d be incredibly shocked if you haven’t stumbled across or heard of them considering the amount of support they garnered in 2009 with the likes of Brodinski featuring their track Khattabi on his Bugged Out Mix CD and artists such as Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Brandon Sek, Camel & Mowgli all turning up for the party and dropping their tracks, and rightly so, as their Khattabi EP released late last year on Tartelet Records is a fine bomb of refreshing tech house goodness. With a new EP titled Sun out soon some time in May and the previews sounding rather tasty it looks like the Kenton Slash Demon boys are well on their way as becoming one of the most forward thinking acts on the now booming tech-house scene. Read more.

Truancy Volume 9: Kenton Slash Demon by TRUANTS


When we first told you of LAST JAPAN at the end of November we promised to get back to you soon, and here we are, (finally!) sticking to our word. Meet Last Japan: Our rockstarr from London has had tons of things going on musically, and on top of that he’s still been finding time to run some marathons to keep himself active all over the place. As far as music is concerned, Last Japan has had a few releases on Southern Fried Records and the All Around the World label (cofunded by Atlantic, Sony and Universal). He’s also made a sweet mix for Rinse FM and, as all you fellow Skins-a-holics must know by now, his remix for Crystal Fighters’ Xtatic Truth was featured on E4?s Skins recently. He has promised a lot of musical activity in the upcoming year and his recent ongoing releases and features all seem like a kosher lift-off to get it going! Being only twenty he is still spending his weekdays at the Academy for Contemporary Music, but he is currently working on his dissertation so it won’t be long for several remixes to see the daylight. He has shared with a few collaborations for his debut album that he’s working on right now, but the details remain veiled. Read more.

Truancy Volume 8: Last Japan by TRUANTS


Meet GUILLAUME BERG. He’s the Paris based promoter and resident DJ of the Jerkin’n’Out parties at Paris Social Club. You might already know Guillaume from his involvement withFluokids and his film production work for Konbini (he just so happened to be the producer of my favorite Heartsrevolution video). Guillaume has been DJing for around 3 years and sometimes DJs with Pharrell Arot under the alias LMMYW. He’s also been currently hard a work producing new tracks for the last four months. For now he’ll keep Parisians dancing with his multicoloured DJ sets, which are mainly based on improvisation. Monsieur Berg recently supplied the TRUANTS crew with a brand new mixtape entitled TRUANCY VOLUME 7: GUILLAUME BERG (What Ya Know About…). He approached this mix as the soundtrack to a drive on the highway in a car, and he basically describes it as a big road trip from California to Amsterdam accompanied by a clan of dinosaurs with guns. Gangsta house is the key! Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 7: Guillaume Berg by TRUANTS


Raphael Grau, who is better known under the abbreviation of his name, RAPH, is a DJ based in Brussels. He’s a part of the Forma.T crew, being one of their resident DJs, and recently came back from a three months internship in Paris where he worked at the much adored Institubes/Sound Pellegrino office. As we all know the latter is recently killing it with a lot of solid releases but so is the Forma.T organisation who recently threw a party for their four years anniversary. Raph played alongside Surkin, L-Vis 1990 and DJ Funk (who is still alive) amongst others. It’s safe to say that Raph already has had a great year, and we’re pretty sure it won’t take him too long until he attacks the electronic music scene in the rear and enchants us all with his knowledge of music and artistry of mixing. To give you a small preview on what Raph is all about, we serve you TRUANCY VOLUME 6: RAPH, a mix made by the man himself. Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 6: Raph by TRUANTS


When Andreas Starosse and Julien Salman met at a Renaissance Man gig in Paris, it was a match made in heaven. They decided to create music together which resulted in their project called ART NOUVEAU. Although they had only been producing together for a a very short period of time they didn’t restrain from sending their track out to Yolanda Be Cool who digged it straightaway and a surprise awaited in their inboxes: The Australians were happy to release it on their label Sweat It Out! and so it happened. The two have combined their powers in a sweet fifty minute mix, combining twelve songs varying from Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner’s easy going track Down to a more danceable track by Sandy Huner. It’s a perfectly built up minimal pearl that is bound to keep you interested. A lovely listen! Read more.

Truancy Volume 5: Art Nouveau by TRUANTS


QOSO has been on the move since we spoke to him. After some excellent remixes for Radioclit and Milke, sweating mixtapes (Happy Slappin, Secousse and Bayoobayoo) and a handful of tracks playlisted by Brodinski, Jess & Crabbe and Zombie Disco Squad even before they were officially out, Qoso recently released his very first EP on Fool House called Expo. Expo includes three diamonds of productions, remixed by the likes of Gary Beck and Clement Meyer. Qoso, Fool Houses clean cut yet wild child, shares the obsession of his generation for exoticism and rave music, taking this daringly and teaches young people the way to take dancing seriously. Being an ex-turntablist, Qoso knows how to renew the taste for samples in techno music, as a composition tool and not as a simple gimmick. Read more.

Truancy Volume 4: Qoso by TRUANTS


Hailing from Merseyside, MELÉ, also known as Krissy Peers is arguably on the forefront of extremely young and talented producers bursting their way onto the scene at the moment. His quick rise to fame boils down to how varied his production style and DJ-sets are encompassing a whole host of genres ranging from dubstep, garage, UK funky, and house, flawlessly mixing between them without at any time sounding overdone, something that isn’t easy accomplished. 2009 saw him have a big year with a debut EP released on Sound of Sumo and tracks such as Mugged and Flexi supported and charted by the likes of Brodinski, Sinden and Hervé to name a few. He continues to shine through in 2010 with two new EP’s out soon on Mixpak Records and Sinden’s new label Grizzly. Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 3: Melé by TRUANTS


Italian-born producer Nima Tahmasebi has earned himself quite a few titles such as the studio assistant of the Bloody Beetroots and Lazy Ants, but is best known for his work as NT89. For those of you who have mysteriously missed out on this gem- over the past few years NT89 has had his share of own releases and a fair amount of remixes put out on prestigious labels such as Pias/Sony Music, Turbo Recordings, Boxon and Southern Fried and has been favourited by all of your top DJs. Nima recently revealed in his BBC Radio 1 session that his current musical cup of tea should be flavoured up with a lot of hype and pounding. So far, 2010 is treating this Rome-based talent well as his Pumpin EP, in collaboration with DISTRAKT, was released three weeks back and has been running out of vinyl stocks and deservedly skyrocketing charts over at Juno Records. Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 2: NT89 by TRUANTS


Our first volume has been compiled by the freshest French kid himself RIOTKID. Manaré Coly, whose young age is worthy of inducing extreme jealousy in most of us, has been dominating dancefloors all over Europe lately. His work takes influences from all around the world and succesfully incorporates these different cultures into a razor-sharp sound. One second you’ll be treated to pouncing organic tech-house, whipped into some sort of B-More breakdown, then the teetotal is combined with slices of something your great granddad might have gotten down to. He has combined his powers in this solid exclusive that will take you from Renaissance Man to Slagsmålsklubben back to Mowgli, with some sweet influences from every continent and you will find some surprising twists halfway, too. Read more and stream here.

Truancy Volume 1: RiotKid by TRUANTS

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