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Truancy Volume 236: Julianna

With a 2018 that saw her traversing a string of high-profile European clubs in Lyon, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona, Julianna’s international bookings have been rising with each passing year. An active and ambitious member of the electronic music scene in Medellín, she’s worked tirelessly with friends in developing social and cultural key projects to the local […]

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Interviews, Truancy Volumes

Truancy Volume 232: Stenny

Stenny is an essential producer in driving forward the sound of Ilian Tape. He has remained loyal to Ilian’s sonic aesthetic while carving his own musical path with incredible finesse. We can confirm, having seen him play at Herrensauna in Tresor and the Backdrop party in Newcastle’s Cosmic Ballroom, that his DJ sets are as […]

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